A Communication with Steffan Alun

JAG: Is the Uk comedy industry becoming more accepting of outsiders? SA: The comedy industry, like any other industry, cares first and foremost about making money.  For a long time, this meant prioritising straight white male comics – the performers most likely to earn money and find acceptance.  Over the last ten to fifteen years,Continue reading “A Communication with Steffan Alun”

A Communication with Morgan Paige

  JAG: What word do you find pleasing? MP: I love the word titties. Sometimes pronounced “tiddies”. Either way. I love it. JAG: Do you have a powerfully positive memory? If so what is it? MP: One of the most positive memories I have is from camp. I walked down to an empty field IContinue reading “A Communication with Morgan Paige”

A communication with Mili Vila!

Mili is an artist that I have respected for a long time, the work that they create has a powerful blend of the cartoon and the realistic. This blend allows for a vivid bloom of emotion to be born from the work, a disconnect from human reality to build towards something deeply personal. JAG: WhatContinue reading “A communication with Mili Vila!”

Pretty Pretty – A communication with Pretty boy Aaron

I have a deep passion and respect for his work and wanted to learn more about him and his approach, he has an ability to mix the emotional and comedic into an energy soup that spills on the ear napkins of the listener. This is the result of that question session.  JAG: Where do you findContinue reading “Pretty Pretty – A communication with Pretty boy Aaron”