A communication with Mili Vila!

Mili is an artist that I have respected for a long time, the work that they create has a powerful blend of the cartoon and the realistic. This blend allows for a vivid bloom of emotion to be born from the work, a disconnect from human reality to build towards something deeply personal.

JAG: What is your advice to young creatives?

M: Work hard on channeling your specific creative style. take inspiration from others, but don’t try so hard to make carbon copies of what everyone else is making!

JAG: Do you have any recurring dreams?

M: I actually had a dream journal that I started 2 years ago and recently lost. None of them are really recurring, because of how wild my dreams are.

JAG: What equipment do you use for art?

M: I usually use a huge mixture of things to create. I’ve used markers, colored pencils, crayons, watercolor, and acrylic all in one piece!

JAG: Which piece of your work are you the proudest of?

M: This is the one I’m most proud of! I had the idea for this piece for about a year before I was able to find a way to put it on paper and be satisfied with it.

JAG: Do you have any phobias?

M: hm, I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia but I’ve always really hated bowling ever since I was a kid.

JAG: What emotion seems to appear in your work?

M: melancholy

JAG: If you imagined life as a colour? Which one would it be?

M: Lime Green!

JAG: Are you a spiritual person? If so in what way?

M: I don’t think of myself as a spiritual person at all. I believe there’s no real way of knowing if something is out there.

JAG: Do you have any regrets in connection to your art?

M: I think I’ll always regret things when looking at past pieces I’ve made, but that just shows me how much a person is able to grow and change in a small amount of time.

JAG: Why do you create?

M: I do it to give myself an outlet for my thoughts and creative energy! It really relaxes me and helps me feel like I’m a part of something.


-JAG x

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