A Communication with Morgan Paige


JAG: What word do you find pleasing?

MP: I love the word titties. Sometimes pronounced “tiddies”. Either way. I love it.

JAG: Do you have a powerfully positive memory? If so what is it?

MP: One of the most positive memories I have is from camp. I walked down to an empty field I liked to write in, surrounded by clusters of tall trees. There was some weird cloud of grey moving dots I had never seen before- and it was massive. As I got closer, whatever hesitation I had vanished. It was thousands and thousands of ladybugs. I sat down with my journal just outside of the clusters and they slowly made their way towards me. They acted like I had a forcefield around me- they didn’t overwhelm, only a few would land on my hand or my knee before slowly passing. It must’ve been over an hour of this. And I was in nothing but complete awe of how magical the world could be.

Morgan 2


JAG: What advice would you give creative folks?

MP: Inspired or not, try to make something every day. Write, draw, take a photo or whatever you can, but do it! Creativity is like a muscle- the more you use it the stronger it gets. And inspiration can be a luxury.

JAG: What is a dream of yours that would surprise people?

MP: I’m not sure I surprise people that much. I’m such an open book. Maybe that I wanted to be president as a kid? From 8-11, I read books and essays and was going to apply to a program in DC because I wanted to start my political career early. But eventually, I realized just how corrupt the political system was, and realized it would probably eat me alive.

JAG: Which female artists would you recommend?

MP: Comedians: Chelsea Peretti & Ali Wong
        Directors: Brie Larson & Ava DuVernay
        Painters: Julie Mehretu & Lee Krasner

JAG: Do you believe in a higher power or are we just floaty meat blobs?

MP: Floaty, wonderfully insignificant and beautiful meat blobs



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