A Communication with Angie

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JAG: What makes you feel a deep nostalgia?

A: This is hard. The question could be answered in a million different ways, but I think it’s the sound of a saxophone. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I can’t help but feel like a child again. It brings me back to simplistic times.

JAG: What is the first song you remember falling in love with?

A: Chasing Pavements by Adele. I wasn’t into pop music much when I was younger. Growing up playing the cello, I always stuck with listening to classical music. I remember tuning into VH1 In the morning and hearing chasing pavements for the first time and crying. Adele has the most beautiful voice.

JAG: What is your spiritual story? Has it been a fun journey?

A: I just want to be happy, forever. I’ve accomplished not being so negative all the time and to see the bright side of things.

JAG: Is there a life lesson that you wished you didn’t have to experience to learn? If so what is it?

A: My mother always told me to never “stay hit” I never really knew what that meant. Of course, as I got older, I realized what she meant. I got into my first fistfight when I was in grade 6 with an 8th grader. She was a lot taller than me, but I wasn’t intimidated, not one bit. She shoved me, and I beat her up pretty bad. It was during school hours so I ended up being suspended. My Mom acted mad in front of the principal but in the car, she hugged me and told me she was proud of me listening to her for once. — I learned that day that fighting doesn’t resolve anything and just makes matters worst.

JAG: Why do you love noses so much?

A: So… this story is funny… I think! My father broke his nose when I was 5 or 6. He had to get surgery for it, and he would bring me to all of his appointments. After a while, I learned about cartilage and nerves and how the nose was constructed back to normal. Ever since then, I have a weird obsession with noses.

JAG: What never fails to make you smile?

A: Other people smiling warms my heart. I could have the worse day ever and if I can make a person smile my whole entire day would feel complete.

JAG: What would you say to people dealing with mental health issues that could help?

A: Mental health is something that almost everyone suffers from but doesn’t admit to. In my struggle, I’ve learned surrounding yourself with good people and using good coping skills will show a huge difference in your attitude and overall approach to life.

JAG: Which artists do you want the world to know about?

A: Gosh, this one is so hard. There’s so many but my favorite few is Peachy, Bayfaction, and Wet. They’re some of my favorites. They’re talented and diverse and move me.

JAG: At this point in your life, how are you feeling?

A: I feel good at this point in my life. I’m twenty, I’m in a stable happy relationship and I moved away from my family. I feel better not being so close to my family. — they’re great people, but very dramatic and I’m happy not to be apart of the daily drama.

JAG: What food is the best food?

A: This is too hard to answer. I’ll eat anything that’s well seasoned and looks pretty. I think lasagna is the best? It can be prepared so many ways with SOOO many different ingredients!

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